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We are making plans to include a devotional from Pastor Craig.
Tune back in soon.
Until then, check out these great videos for Holy Week.

Easter Series: a video for each day of Holy Week

These videos are well produced. Each video is 10-15 minutes in length. 
View one each day between Palm Sunday & Easter.

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Eyewitness Bible Series is pleased to present The Easter Series. This series is a collection of eight episodes from other Eyewitness series. These episodes are selected to be watched on each day of Holy Week, starting with Palm Sunday and ending on Easter Sunday.

The Triumphal Entry of Jesus into Jerusalem took place on Palm Sunday when people threw palm branches on his path. This event is told in varying degree of detail in all four gospels. The narration for this event is by an unlikely character.

Fig Monday’s episode shows Lazarus telling his story of being resurrected. We do not know precisely when Lazarus was raised from the dead, but this occurrence probably wasn’t too long before the Triumphal Entry. Lazarus was a controversial figure for the Jewish authorities during this time because he was solid proof that Jesus could raise people from the dead.

Holy Tuesday’s episode shows Andrew’s story. According to John 12:21-22, after the Triumphal Entry, a number of Greeks wanted to meet Jesus. Andrew and Philip told Jesus about their request. Andrew tells of how he overcame his loneliness by introducing people to Jesus.

Spy Wednesday is an episode told by Judas. This episode is set in a time period long before Holy Week, but it will give you some insight about how Judas came to betray Jesus.

Maundy Thursday’s episode is an interpretation of the story of the vine and branches that Jesus taught on Thursday night before his crucifixion. This interpretation is narrated by Philip the Apostle.

Good Friday’s episode is told by two of the main characters of the trial of Jesus. Peter tells about how he denied Jesus, and Pilate tells how he condemned Jesus to death on a cross.

Black Saturday’s episode is told by Joseph of Arimathea, who was very involved in the death and burial of Jesus. Imagine how he must have felt on Saturday after burying the body of Jesus the day before.

Easter Sunday’s episode is told by Mary Magdalene, the first person to see the resurrected Jesus. She had been a faithful follower of Jesus since he had healed her of demon possession.

Giving to the Church

A few people have asked about giving to the church during these “Sundays in Seclusion.” That is just a little change on the Governor’s words of “Hunker Down Hoosiers.”
  We will give 2 suggestions: You may mail your check to Jodi Blackburn, 5630 W 250 S, Angola IN 46703 or you may hold your check until we finally meet back together.

Serving while being Sequestered

As I stated last week, be safe & be smart & be the hands & feet of Jesus in the midst of this crisis. If you hear or know of a need in the church or community, here are 2 suggestions:

1) Are you able to meet that need?

2) If you are unable to meet the need, contact me & I’ll locate someone in the church to assist.

  The Church can shine even if we are not meeting in a “structure.”


Pastor Craig

Our Mission Statement
The Hudson United Brethren Church exists to lead people into a life-changing relationship with Jesus Christ through
knowing Christ,
growing in Christ,
serving Christ and sharing Christ.

Welcome to the Hudson United Brethren Church. 
Our church is located in Hudson, Indiana,
30 miles north of Ft. Wayne (Exit 340),
just 1 mile west of Interstate 69
& 1/2 mile north on Main St. @ 516 N. Main St.,
directly across from Hardy Park  


Our service times are:


  9 AM             Sunday School  (for all ages)

10 AM             Worship Service

  • [Children's Church is held on the 1st & 3rd Sundays; children are dismissed to the church basement part way through the Worship Service.  Children Stories are held during the Worship Service on the 2nd & 4th Sundays.]


  7 PM             Bible Study at a family residence